Friday, March 27, 2009

*** Speaking Dates ***

Yesterday afternoon, I gave my first "real" speech concerning my writing. Previously, when I was interviewed on radio and television, I wasn't a bit nervous.....I just opened my mouth and the words flowed out. But, let me tell you, being the guest speaker, in front of an assembly of grade school students had my heart pounding and my hands shaking!

I had assumed I would be standing.....uh....leaning on a podium, with an intact microphone. That way I'd be able to shuffle through my notes and sneak a sip of my bottled water once in a while and feel at ease. That's not exactly what happened, though.

I was given a hand-held microphone and that was it! I asked if there was a podium and the answer was "Sorry, no". I stood there for a moment, envisioning myself fainting, due to the nakedness of just being "out there" with no protection, and toppling over in a heap on the gymnasium floor.

But, then I received a folding chair and an old typewriter table on wheels. I was set! It fit my size just right and I felt totally comfortable. As the children began to file in, I began to feel more at ease, especially when a few of the teachers came up to say hello.

I must say I did alright, because I was able to speak for my alloted time, and the students had tons of questions! I was so pleased about that, because I knew that meant they had been paying attention! The Q & A session even had to be stopped before everyone received a turn because time was running out.

Thanks to Sts. J & A School in St. Charles, Mo. for asking me to speak and I'm looking forward to more speaking engagements.

It looks as if the next one will be at Duchesne High School, in St. Charles, Mo. on Wednesday, April 22, 2009. I'll be speaking to all the English Literature classes about "believing in yourself and your dreams."