Thursday, March 24, 2016


 "Bookie" commented on my Nostalgic Sunday post of March 20th, that she...and probably others...would like to see photos of the tea room area where I work. So, here are a few I took before I left work yesterday. I have many others that I've taken at various times, but they are mostly of the Home Décor part of the store and I will share them sometime soon.  
Tea cups, mini teapots, and sideboard

Part of the tea room
(Please excuse the glare. It was sunny!)

Private room in the tea room

Part of hallway between Home Décor and Tea Room (See the steps and hand railing on the right? That leads to more gorgeous items to purchase, the custom design room, the owner's office and my office!) P.S. I just LOVE those ceramic chickens! I bought two smaller ones (not shown) for myself and one of these larger ones for a friend's birthday.

* After reading Lisa's comment about the ceramic chickens, I realized they really aren't ceramic....they are more like concrete! But not too heavy! Just wanted to verify that. AND, the Imogene's website is getting ready to be updated asap, although every single item won't be able to be listed. Just ask me what kinds of things you like, and I'll let you know what we have!

As I've stated before, I love my job! I'm surrounded by beautiful things, friendly and caring people, and yummy food! What more could a gal ask for? If you live anywhere near Wildwood, Missouri or will be vacationing in the St. Louis area, do stop in at Imogene's! If you're going to have lunch, make reservations, even if it's only for two!
♪ Tea for two, and two for tea...