Tuesday, November 11, 2014

* Listen to the Radio....Online *

* I had a variety of things to blog about this evening, but then remembered this:

Have I mentioned that I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago for a Des Moines, Iowa radio station? An amazing man, John Busbee, read my memoir and asked to interview me about it. And why would an Iowa radio station want to interview me? My maternal grandparents, and my parents were all born and lived there for many years....So my roots are in Iowa. In my memoir From Pigtails to Chin Hairs I write about my magical summer vacations in Greenfield, Iowa. It is still my favorite small town in America!

source: free clip art

It will air tomorrow, Wednesday November 12th, a...t 11:13 AM CST. If it's possible, please listen to it Streaming Live at http://www.kfmg991.org/

They don't have the capacity for archives at the moment, but I will receive a CD of the interview some time soon.

I'm a bit nervous but at the same time, can't wait to hear it!

* I'd like to welcome two new followers! One is Janet Givens, and I think the other one is "Phyllis." I say, "I think" because Janet's is the only new face/icon showing. And from what I can tell, the newest "blank" follower face is Phyllis. *

Welcome to you both and I hope you always enjoy
what you read and see. Thanks very much!

Please don't forget......11:13 AM CST, Wednesday, November 12th!