Tuesday, September 13, 2016


How many of you know about and/or read the magazine Real Simple ?

I have subscribed to it off and on and I really like it. It's always full of great ideas for every part of your life, and also recipes for those with more of a "gourmet talent" than I have! (And the pictures are nice to look at!)

Anyway...just today it popped into my head that I hadn't seen or heard anything about Real Simple's Annual Life Lessons Essay Contest. I remembered it was in the fall, so I went to their website, and voila'....there it was - - -


Here is this year's question:
What was the most dramatic change you ever had to make?

Wow, can it already be the NINTH Annual?? I entered the contest a time or two, but always at the last minute, knowing even before I hit the Submit button that my essay wasn't anywhere near the quality of writing that was required.

There's still time! Here are four reasons why you should enter this contest!

1) It's FREE to enter.

2) The first place winner receives $3,000!

3)  The second-place winner will receive $750.

4)  The third-place winner will receive $500.

So, those of you who can whip up an essay in 1,500 words or less, and submit it online by 11:50 P.M. ET on September 19, 2016 (that's next Monday!)....give it a try!

I wish everyone the best of luck!

...or whatever your writerly drink of choice is!