Monday, November 11, 2019

* Very Short Post! *

I've been having terrible email problems. Haven't been able to send or receive on both cell phone and internet for a few days!! The internet email seems to be working fine email from you yet, though Sue G...

I have to make a phone call about sending and receiving email on my cell phone. Grrr....Don't you just hate electronic problems??!!

So, I just wanted to stop in and say Hello and I'm Alive and Well

(We had about 2" of snow today! I think that's a record as far as today's date. We usually don't have snow until Dec or Jan. And the wind!!...Oh my the wind! And to make it even weirder, yesterday and the day before, the high temps were around 65! How crazy is that??)

Hope to be back soon, posting and reading your blogs!!