Friday, January 31, 2014


Hello everyone! I can't believe it's been nine days since my... last confession....Oops! No, that's definitely not what I meant to type. But as I said those words in my mind, some very old memorized lines from my childhood popped right into my head!

I'm at my library branch, using one of their computers because I haven't been able to post anything new on my blog since January 22! It's been driving me nuttier than normal. I could reply to comments on my blog, and on others' blogs, but that's all I could do. I couldn't get to Layout or any other editing type areas. I'm REALLY hoping my son, Scott, can fix it for me.....hope, hope, hope....

Now, here's a truly dumb thing I did, by not doing something. I forgot to print and bring the Word document that contains all the things I wanted to post on here this afternoon.

SO, for now I'll just provide a few tidbits to hopefully get your attention and interest!

**  Please stop by Women's Memoirs at the link below. They're having a fabulous 53 HOUR E-BOOK SALE, to launch their brand new series of four e-books, spring, summer, winter, fall. Please hop over and check them out. The covers are gorgeous and I'm sure the stories included are wonderful! 


**  Julie Luek is the winner of a print copy of my memoir, from Margo Dill's blog when I was the guest blogger. Congratulations, Julie!

** I have some calls for submissions and contest home in my Word docs. BUT, I think I remember at least some of them:

A call for submissions for a new literary magazine in Ontario, the Tin Roof Press. Our inaugural issue launched with much success in December 2013.  This will be a quarterly magazine, published seasonally.  The next issue - our Happiness issue - will be published in March 2014.  The deadline for submissions is Feb 10, 2014. *Note: I checked with Jen McGuire, the editor, and they ARE accepting submissions from Non-Canadians, too.*

The Tin Roof Press is named after a legendary old bordello that once ran perched high on a cliff overlooking Georgian Bay called the Tin Roof.  It was so named as a nod to Margaret “Mag”  Matthews, an ancestor of mine who was the Madame of the Tin Roof and a local legend. 

The Tin Roof Press is looking for stories full of irreverent humour.  Or tragedy.  Or lust.  Or horror. We want to treat our readers to an exceptionally fun, engrossing read.  And we are looking for writers who feel up to the task.
Submissions of short stories (under 2500 words) and poetry can be sent to To get a sense of what we're looking for, check out the pdf version of our beautiful magazine online or email to subscribe if you would like a copy - though they are running out quickly. 
Hope you like the new magazine!
All best,
Jen McGuireeditor/publisher
Tin Roof Press
** The Erma Bombeck Contest deadline is coming up soon! February 17 at 8:00AM -- EASTERN Standard Time. I suggest sending it by Feb 16, just to be sure! 

I have an exciting bit of news about a new marketing tool I discovered. I have rented a display case at The Cultural Arts Centre in St. Peters, Mo. to advertise and sell my memoir! 

Jan. 31-March 24

What's on the Horizon?

All Media Landscape Art Show and Competition
Receiving: Tuesday, Jan. 28, 9 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
Reception: Friday, Jan. 31, 6-8 p.m. 

The reception, as you can see is tonight! There will be all kinds of artwork on display: paintings, drawings, photography, the three or four display cases. Stop on by if you're in the area....and we don't get bad weather! 

Gotta run.....My time on the computer is about to end!

Thanks for stopping by!