Friday, October 7, 2011


I Wonder: What is it about women's friendships that make them so special? And what is it that attracts one person to another in the first place?

I've never studied psychology or human behavior but I do know one thing. I know about myself and my reasons for connecting with someone as a friend, a woman friend. It only takes moments for me to know if someone has a sense of humor. Bing! And if we find out we have similar ideas about what's funny and what isn't. Bing! Instant Friend!

A very thoughtful, funny and sweet friend sent me this card a few days ago. She knew I'd been going through some tough times and thought I'd get a kick receiving a funny card in the mail. She was right!
This is the front of the card and it really does have huge fake eyelashes on it! I laughed the minute I opened the envelope and saw those.

And this is the inside of the card. Another belly laugh!
Underneath, she wrote her usual, caring and funny words.
It made my entire day....uh...week!
Welcome to my newest follower, off kilter. I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! Thank you!

"How rare and wonderful is that flash in the moment when we realize we have discovered a friend."
- William Rotsler