Friday, August 14, 2009


I scrolled through my blog posts and photos a few minutes ago and was reminded once again how much my writer-friends mean to me.

Not too many years ago, I lamented that I "had no talent". I always spoke of one sister as "the artistic one". She could paint, draw, sketch, sculpt, etc. My other sister could whip up clothes on her sewing machine that looked as well as, or better than, the ones in the department stores. My brother played the banjo, had a talent for comedy, and could take slabs of wood and make beautiful furniture out of them.....Then there was me. I hadn't discovered anything that I was really good at.....that I could develop a passion for.

That all changed when I realized I was a writer.....that I loved to write....I wanted to write.....I had to write. Writing has brought many new friends into my life. We encourage each other, we cheer for each other, we grumble a little together.

I can't imagine what my life would be like right now, today, August 14, 2009, if I wasn't thinking about writing continually, from the moment I wake up til I finally fall asleep at night......and speaking of falling asleep, I need to close up the laptop for tonight and.....zzzzzzzzz