Tuesday, August 20, 2019

* Where Has the Time Gone? *

Gosh, I can't believe I haven't posted anything or commented on anyone's blogs since August 3rd!

Most of what took up a lot of time was looking online, trying to help Mark find an apartment in New Orleans that was in a safe neighborhood, fairly close to Tulane....and here's the kicker...affordable! 

I've never searched for a place to live without actually seeing the area, nor has Mark. He's been in our area all his life (which is why I'm SO sad to see him move away. And yeah, yeah, I know it's a wonderful opportunity, etc. and that he's certainly an adult...but a mom can still cry, can't she??)

Between him searching online, along with Ron and me (and thanks to a professor friend he already has down there) we found what looks like a great place! His prof friend told him which areas to stay out of and which were better. I hope the complex is everything it looks like in the photos! He's getting a tiny, studio apartment which is fine with him. I think he's most excited about having a washer/dryer in his own unit! It's a stackable, otherwise a side-by-side would take up half the apartment! Ha!

He's leaving this Thursday and a friend is going along to help drive and keep him company, which I am SO happy about. Not sure how the friend is coming back here...

Yesterday, Ron and I (and Charlie) drove to his current apartment to say our Goodbyes. I thought it would be less emotional than watching him drive away...which may or may not be true, because I cried my eyes out, and have been off and on for days. 😢 

I'm at work, so I better get back to...work!