Wednesday, March 27, 2013

* Unique Call for Submissions *

Those of us of a certain age surely remember Carly Simon's hit "Anticipation" from 1971. Although I loved the song, I never knew if it was written about anyone or anything in particular, until just this morning. I looked at Carly's official website and here's what it said: ...was written by Carly while she was waiting for Cat Stevens to pick her up for a date. How cool is that? (I want to remember that from now on, and not think of the Heinz Ketchup commercial from the late 1970's.)  K're probably wondering what does all that have to do with a "Unique Call for Submissions."

Becky Haigler of Silver Boomer Books recently reminded me of the current call for submissions for their anthology about.....Waiting, which I think is a very unique subject for an anthology! The working title as of now is: Longest Hours -- thoughts while waiting.

Becky also said ".....we have a lot of submissions about hospital waiting rooms and hospice situations and are needing some more light items about waiting to balance the collection. A well-written light piece will actually have a better chance of being included." And although the website says the deadline is April 15th, she said through the end of April is okay.

I actually have a couple of different occasions I could write about for this. Now, if I can just find the time. (I'm still packing!)

Be sure to read all of the Guidelines before submitting. Good luck to everyone!