Saturday, April 17, 2010

** Girls' Weekend Get-Away **

Don't forget..... I won't be blogging this weekend. (Ron and Tiger will be holding down the fort, though.)

I will have my Blackberry with me, so I can read and send e-mails, if anyone has any urgent news!

"By and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacationless class." ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

** So Much To Say...♪ ♫...The Final Part **

Hopefully, I can make this short and sweet tonight ....kind of like me! :D

Carnegie Libraries  I didn't know any of the history about the library donations of businessman and  philanthropist Andrew Carnegie until just a few years ago. I certainly knew of him, but nothing about his generosity. The following is taken directly from the link at Wikipedia: More than 2,500 Carnegie libraries were built, including some belonging to public and university library systems. Of the 2,509 such libraries funded between 1883 and 1929, 1,689 were built in the United States.
A few years ago, I was in one of these beautiful old buildings that still stands in Greenfield, Iowa. A large section of it was being (I assume) rented, by a married couple who owned a fabulous gift shop with the name, The Old Carnegie. That's when I asked questions about the name and discovered the library's history. Since that time, the couple divorced and the shop was closed. About a year ago, I heard The Old Carnegie might be getting some new inhabitants. It may become the new site for the Greenfield Chamber of Commerce. I hope so, because that charming old building deserves to be filled again with people, books, desks....the business of life.

ALA (American Library Association)  It's National Library Week, that's why!

Spencer Road Library; St. Charles County, Missouri: Still nothing online to post about the magnificent renovation that is due to begin just about any day. I did receive a very informative reply to my e-mail, part of which stated there should be something online very soon. Yippee!

Lastly, I can't say enough about this wonderful book.
"The Help", by Kathryn Stockett

I had heard nothing but rave reviews about it, and I finally got around to reading it. It is a stunning debut novel that will stay with you long after you've finished reading it. It's about how black maids (the help) were treated by their white employers in The South, in the very early 1960's. And, it's not only about those maids, but the segregation, in general, between whites and blacks at that time....especially in The South. A remarkable book!

Well, this didn't end up being very short and sweet afterall, but I felt obligated to finish it, and not rush through it. My faithful blogger buddies deserve the best!

"We are family...♪ ♫  I got all my sisters with me..♪♫..
We are family. ♫...Get up ev'rybody and sing...♪ ♫ " -- Sung by The Pointer Sisters (and also Sister Sledge)