Sunday, November 27, 2011

* Nostalgic Sundays *

Time for Another Nostalgic Sunday
Since this is the first Sunday after Thanksgiving and the TV weather folks say we may get a few snow flurries today, I'm definitely feeling Christmasy!

Let's take a look at some Christmases past:

I bought this hat Christmas 2008
 when I worked at Barnes & Noble during the holidays.
I sewed the red ribbon on it to tie under my neck,
because it wouldn't stay on.
I couldn't wear it very long at work,
 though, because my head would get too hot!


This goes way Christmas 1977.
That's me on the left and my sister Jo Ann on the right.
I don't know if I've mentioned that she was an artist;
pencil, chalk, oil paintings, sculpture, & wood carving.
This was taken at our mother's apartment in St. Louis.
Jo Ann made the sculpture on her left...probably way back
when she was in college and gave it to mom soon after.
I also lived in St. Louis then, but Jo Ann moved to
 Florida when I was in high school. When she came home for
Christmas, I always hoped she'd get snowed in
and wouldn't be able to fly home until a few days later!
We weren't able to see each other very often for many years,
due to the expense of flying.

* All through December I'll continue to post photos
 of Christmases Past on my Nostalgic Sundays. *

Welcome to my newest follower, Linda Young. I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! Thank you!
"At Christmas, all roads lead home." -- Marjorie Holmes