Monday, May 16, 2011

Books Like You've Never Seen Before

I watched the most amazing story last night on the CBS Sunday Evening News. It was about an artist who is so extremely talented, I can't possibly come up with enough words to describe him. I would say he is also a sculptor. A sculptor of books

His name is Brian Dettmer, he lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and he makes magnificent art out of old books. (Actually, I'd describe his work "inside" old books.) I contacted Mr. Dettmer last night via e-mail, requesting permission to share some of his beautiful creations on my blog. He replied and graciously agreed, as long as I credit it properly.

Get ready for some jaw-dropping moments!

(The above three photos were borrowed, with permission, from Brian Dettmer's web site.)

Toward the beginning of his interview, Brian stated that he understands some book lovers will only see mutilated books, but he only uses vintage non-fiction: old medical books, old encyclopedias, old history books. Books that would otherwise be headed to trash dumps.

Click on Brian's link to learn more about him and see many more of these fabulous works of art. You can also see the entire interview on CBS News.

Thank you again, Brian, for allowing me to showcase a minuscule amount of your heart-filled work.

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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” -- Thomas Merton