Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Over the past few months, I've been on a blog dry spell, in fact it's been so dry, it's been more like a desert, or White Sands, New Mexico!

I haven't been posting, replying to comments, or commenting on other blogs the way I used to, while feeling terribly guilty at the same time. I kept telling myself that I didn't have the time, didn't have the energy, etc. But I've come to realize those were not the problems. I just didn't feel motivated.

This evening, though, I have the desire to share some writing information, plus some photos. I took the four pictures below just the other day and wrote about them on Facebook. If we're "Friends" on Facebook, I'm sure you can read it there, too, if you'd like.

Custom clay chimes made about 40 years ago
 by my deceased sister, Jo Ann.

Vern checking out the scenery!

Vern and I walking on the boardwalk next to the lake.

I love this photo! We were walking and I called his name so that he might stop and look at me.....which he obviously did! J

This is where we've moved! It's a beautiful area not far from our previous house, and we just can't get over the fact that we LIVE here! We still feel as if we've been on a working vacation....helping friends move into this condo, and then we remember...WE LIVE HERE! J


Hey, all you writers out there! Here are some great Calls for Submissions and other info.
Monkey Star Press is looking for stories for two upcoming "Mom" anthologies. I don't know anything about this press, but I think it looks like a good place to submit your stories.
Chicken Soup for the Soul is also looking for stories for eight upcoming anthologies. We all know that Chicken Soup for the Soul has a fantastic reputation. Give it a try! What's holding you back?
Are you aware of the site Winning Writers It is one of THE best sources for just about everything concerning writing: Good, reliable contests to enter, contests and services to avoid, tons of resources to help you find what you're looking for, etc.etc. I just love this site. Every year they host the Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest with a deadline date of April 1st.....which I totally forgot about this year. Hmm, guess I had too much to remember, therefore lots of things were forgotten! J
Oh, how true!!
Hmm, if I read this one paragraph one more time
I think I'll scream!
Isn't it funny that I've mentioned Chicken Soup for the Soul books in my past few posts?? Even if you've NEVER submitted anything before, give it a try! Leave a comment about it, too, please!