Wednesday, December 18, 2019



I've begun to come up with some pretty funny phrases when reading too fast. In fact, I think I should start keeping track of them! Just now, while glancing at the information on a Christmas song being played on TV Music Choice, I thought the title was: "River Rose and Magic Laundry." (kind of strange for a Christmas song, huh?!) So, I looked back at it and this is what it really said: 
"River Rose and Magical Lullaby."

I'm so glad I wasn't with anyone at the time, or I might have asked them if they'd ever heard of that river laundry Christmas song! 😁 

(Another good reason as a writer to edit my work, myself, 
and not just count on document check, etc.)

What about you? 
Do you glance at words too quickly and "see" the wrong words?

Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Years ago, when many of us were blogging all the time, we met so many wonderful people who had our same likes & hobbies: Baking, Decorating, Painting, Writing, Knitting, Photography, Tea Time, etc. etc.

And we shared happy & heartbreaking incidents..... 

Some of you may already know this as I do because of reading about it on Facebook.
Our dear friend, Kathy Matthews' husband passed away
in his sleep either last night or the night before.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy: 
The Online Diary of a Central Oregon Grandmother

Kathy hasn't posted on her blog in FOUR years,
so I don't even know if she'll be looking on here,
 but I wanted to share the sad news in case any others wanted to reach out to her.

They just had Thanksgiving together....but now won't share Christmas. Truly sad....
She always said her husband, Cary, was her love and best friend.