Thursday, August 25, 2011

* Did I Mention Contests? *

It feels a bit strange posting something two days in a row. And I mean that in the nicest sense!Yesterday I mentioned Contests and Calls for Submissions. Here are a few I've seen.

*** Added Friday 8:40am:  I totally forgot to include a Give-Away. Shows what happens when I get sidetracked. Below is the information, taken directly from the newsletter I receive every week from Eliza Fayle at Silver and Grace:

"What are your hobbies? Send me pics of your creations or you engaging in your hobbies and I will post them to the Silver & Grace Women are REAL album. Simply send them to


Everyone who sends me pics for the Silver & Grace Women are REAL this week will be entered to win the book The Message: A Guide To Being Human by L D Thompson. Give-away ends August 31."


The Mona Schreiber Humorous Fiction & Non-Fiction Contest. All entries must be postmarked by December 1st, 2011. Entry fee: $5.00  1st Place - $500  (I love this part: Humor is subjective. Uniqueness is suggested. Weirdness is encouraged.) I can think of quite a few writer/blog friends who would be sensational at this! 

WOW - Women on Writing Contest Flash Fiction. Deadline: August 31, 2011. Entry fee: $10.00  1st Place - $300  *Please don't forget to read my Friday Speak Out *

Writers Digest Contests - Competitions  There are oodles of categories here. Various deadlines. From just skimming through them, it looks like the entry fees are all $20.00, which is pretty steep, but the first prizes are $1,000 - $3,000 plus other promotional goodies. If you are really confident in your writing, then I say, "Go for it!"

Funds for Writers Contests  C. Hope Clark is a writer's best friend, and walking encyclopedia! Check her website for all kinds of info.

Funds for Writers Calls for Submissions Hope also pays for submissions to her site.

Funds for Writers Annual Contest 10th Annual Funds For Writers Essay Contest. Theme for 2011: Diligence. Deadline: E-mail by Midnight (Eastern Time) October 31, 2011.

Winning Writers Contests This is one of those places that posts numerous contests, plus other important information, such as which contests to avoid.

Writers-Editors Contests  Another wealth of information sites.

First Writer Contests This particular link is for free contests, but their site has everything!

I think that's enough for tonight. I don't want to cause any headaches due to an overload of contest information!

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