Sunday, November 8, 2015


It's time again for another Nostalgic Sunday!

Those of you who've read my memoir may remember the chapter titled, "My Sister, My Mother, My Friend," which was about the death of my sister, Jo Ann in 1984, and how the death of Ray Charles in 2004 related to it.

When Jo Ann died, each of her three siblings: sister Marian, brother Mike, and I were given a few things of hers to keep. Somehow I was the one who received a large cardboard box of 33-1/3 record albums, and most of those LPs were Ray Charles records.

At that time I still had a turntable and speakers, and listened to records quite often, but hardly ever listened to any of hers. With each move Ron and I made, the box came along with us of course, and was stored in a basement or closet. As the years went by, I kept thinking I really should get a nice stereo system and play some of those LPs, to honor Jo Ann. I certainly didn't need to listen to them to think of her. No, that happened every single day.

More years went by and I even considered trying to sell some of them, but something inside me just wouldn't allow that.

Fast forward to now - November 2015. Just a couple of days ago, I noticed on a Facebook photo that one of my nephews had a cool looking stereo system and tons of LPs. Knowing his love of a widespread of music (he was in a band in Texas), I asked if he'd like to have some or all of Jo Ann's albums, as soon as I could get an inventory sent to him. Just from memory, though, I knew there were LOTS of Ray Charles albums. He is thrilled to have them, and others that I'll find when I dig through the box. I am so thrilled this all happened, and Jo Ann's records will stay in the family, and be listened to, and loved!

Postscript: I own a few Ray Charles CDs and listen to them mostly when speeding along the highway on a long trip! J

"I never wanted to be famous. I only wanted to be great." - Ray Charles