Saturday, September 18, 2010

** Contest: ADDITIONAL PRIZE! **

Just a quick post about the contest that ends tonight at midnight CDT.

I have 10 Entrants so far: If you entered and you don't see your name here, than I didn't receive it. Please e-mail and resend.

And the rest of you out there....You've Got Plenty of Time!! Give It a Try!

AND, I'M ADDING ONE MORE ITEM TO THE PRIZE LIST! I WILL INCLUDE ONE OF THE BOOKS I PURCHASED AT BIG LOTS! ......The Small Print: If you don't mind waiting until I've read it! Whichever one is chosen, I will read right away and then send it, but the other prizes will be sent asap!!
Barb H.
Donna V.
Nancy O.
Kathy M.
Jennee T.
Janel G.

*Note: As of 11:00 pm, I have 2 more entrants: Susan W. and June Freaking Cleaver! Good luck to everyone, and if I receive any more before midnight, I'll post about them tomorrow.*

"So many books, so little time" -- Unknown