Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I posted this on Facebook this evening and want to share it here, too. 
I stopped at a local grocery store today, to buy just one thing....a very important thing. A package of rawhide bones for our dear Vern! (Actually, I bought two packages because he goes through them pretty fast.) Walking from my car to the store entrance, I saw a woman standing on the sidewalk about 50 feet from the door, holding a leash with what looked like a beautiful, very young black Labrador puppy. For a brief moment, I thought she was waiting for a car to come and pick them up, but when I saw her talk to another shopper in front of me, I was pretty sure what was going on. As I got closer, she called out to me, "Would you like to have a puppy?" I kept walking and replied, "I would LOVE to, but I can't right now!" I thought how ironic it was that I was there to purchase chew-bones for my beloved, Vern, who is 14 years old, has a bit of dementia, and cannot hear any more...and I worried about that puppy. I thought about saying something to the employee inside at the Service Counter. Did they know the woman? Was it legit? Should I call the Humane Society? Usually someone has a cardboard box with a sign "Free Puppies" on it, and so I just didn't feel right about it...and yet I did none of those things, but hoped that someone would stop and give that beautiful puppy a loving, forever-home. What would you have done? I'm still thinking about that little puppy....

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.” - Dean Koontz