Thursday, August 11, 2011


Wow! It's amazing how much I can accomplish when I wake up and I mean Wide Awake, at 5:00 am. After just a few minutes, I realized I wasn't going back to sleep, so I got up and began my day. I glanced at the time I began writing this and was shocked to see it wasn't even noon yet. Woo-hoo...I'm going to make real progress on numerous tasks today. AND, all you writers will be pleased to know I wrote quite a bit in my memoir this morning. I'll be writing much more, too, before the night is over.

Those who've been stopping by for a few months or more, also know that every now and then I get in a mood about choosing a title for my memoir. I make myself crazy for a few days, thinking I can't possibly write another word until THE TITLE is chosen. I've even listed chapter names and asked who thought any of them would make a good title. But that's a bit difficult, since none of you have read any of it yet...well, except for a few people in my critique group!

Part of my predicament is the fact that *I DID have a title. For YEARS. I just KNEW* it was a fabulous, eye-catching title. But...a couple of things have made me question it over the past few I'm kind of back to square one.

Addem: 6:50pm CDT: As some of you know, the title I've been carrying around in my mind, FOR YEARS, is "That Crowbar Changed Everything".  A pretty important person doesn't like it, but everyone else who's ever heard it, loves it and wants to know...."HUH?" What's the story? And as I type this, I'm leaning back toward it again...

What about you? If you're a writer, what makes you crazy from time to time?
And if you're not a writer, I'd like to know what makes you crazy, too!

Also welcome to my newest followers: Mommies Frugal Finds, Sandi, and Linda Medrano. I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! Thank you!
"Yelling really loud can sometimes ease tension…and sometimes it makes everyone else in the library jump out of their skin." -- Maxine