Wednesday, September 30, 2009

** Food, Fun and Advice **

Today I took Morris Turek to lunch. He's the lawyer I mention on the right hand column of my blog. He's a copyright lawyer and a very nice guy. I've asked for his advice a few times over the past few months and he's always refused to send me a bill. So, I decided the next best thing was to invite him to lunch, my treat. He said he never turns down lunch, so that was a good compromise!

We had a great meal and I'm pretty sure I did most of the talking....In fact, I'm sure I did most of the talking!

Click on the photo of Morris to learn more about him and his agency....Your Trademark Attorney. He's located in Chesterfield. Tell him, "Becky sent me!"


All you Bread Company lovers in the St. Peters area......Have you heard the great news?! A Bread Company is opening soon in a great location. It's between Pier One and Mid Rivers Mall, in a building that previously housed a carpet store, next to a mattress store. If I read the signs correctly, the mattress store appeared to be empty and for sale.

Even though the Bread Co. on Mid Rivers Mall Drive, near Hwy-94 isn't THAT far away, this new location will be a lot closer to home....AND Barnes & Noble.....another favorite hang-out!!

The new Bread Co. is scheduled to open in about 2 weeks!! Let's all make a date to have a writers meeting and dinner there, what'ya say??

** Another Breathtakingly Beeeee-u-ti-ful Day!! **

One quick thought this morning. I felt I should clarify one of the words I used in last night's blog.......

The small incident in the kitchen yesterday, was NOT part of a "typical" Becky day!!

Pretty much all the rest were, though.  ;-)

** The End of My Perfect Day **

It's almost midnight and I just had to post a note about my perfectly typical Becky kind of day!

Yes, it WAS a gorgeous day!

Yes, I e-mailed my column at the last minute...actually about 10 minutes late, but all is well.

Yes, I mistakenly sent an e-mail to the wrong person! Thank goodness the only end result was lots of laughter!

Yes, I'm very scatter-brained and forgetful and almost started a fire on the kitchen stove!!
   *side note: It's not a good idea to turn on the wrong burner when there's a cork trivet sitting on it.*
    Fortunately, Ron was home and noticed what was happening before the smoke turned into flames!

Yes, I managed to get 4 loads of laundry washed, dried and either folded or on hangers.

Yes, I put my wonderful dog, Tiger, in and outside, in and out, in and out...etc..etc..all day long! (And yes, we put her outside immediately, so she could breath fresh air, until all the smoke inside was gone.)

Yes, I picked up my husband from the car repair shop and let him use my car for a couple of hours. (No Smoking Allowed!)

Yes, I went through piles of junk mail, trying to locate those pesky bills that need to be paid.

And Yes, since I have a terrible memory, that's about all I can think of, plus the fact that it is now after midnight and I'm really getting tired, so I'll just have to say..."Goodnight, Gracie"....zzzzzzzz