Thursday, January 22, 2015


I'd like to welcome three new followers! Their tastes seem quite diverse and yet they all found something about my blog they liked. That's one of the things I love about blogging.....meeting new people, making new friends. It's kind of like a game of hopscotch and sometimes I can't even remember how I landed on a particular site!

First, we have Sandi of Dandelion Tea. She just began blogging in 2014 and her "About Me" says she is: a mom, an educator, a writer, and an ice skater.

Second, we have William Snyder #167 Dad. I love what he says about himself: "I'm just a regular guy trying to feed a bunch of kids."

And third, we have Lisa from Scherer Beautiful Living. She describes herself: "I'm a mom, nature and junk enthusiast who loves her family, arts, crafts, decorating, writing, and animals." Oh, and remember when so many of us had a Play List on our blogs? Lisa has a Wikplayer, which I'd not heard of yet. Hmm, I may have to look into that because I do love my music!

I plan to get back to all three blogs tomorrow so I can learn more about them. Uh, actually, that would be later today sometime. I just realized it's after midnight in my part of the world.

I'll be highlighting another author on my blog soon. If not by the end of this week, definitely next week. Until then, please remember to read my previous post about Camille Faye. 
Message seen on business sign:
"Do not read the next line of this sentence.
 You rebel, you!"