Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Monday!

I'm feeling happy and productive today! The "happy" part is usually a daily thing for me, although it waned a little with the passing of my sweet dog last month. The "productive" part has been missing for quite some time, due to various reasons. As of this past weekend, though, I began living.....not a "new" me...but a "renewed" me!
The Ronald bought this coffee cup for me as a Christmas gift after I saw it in Borders.
The outside was cute enough with its curved shape, large handle and Christmasy decor.

But when I looked inside and saw what it said, I just had to have it!
It is SO ME!

I received other pretty coffee cups this year, too, and a cute tea pot-tea cup gift set. I'll post photos of them some other time. I just wanted to say a quick Hello for today and to wish everyone a joyous, blissful day!

"There is no try. There is do or do not." (I heard Tommy Smothers say this on a PBS special the other night, but when I looked it up just now, to give proper credit to it, it's attributed to Yoda, from Star Wars!)