Saturday, August 9, 2014


While I was in Greenfield last week, I did a lot of walking. Why? For one reason, I didn't have a car, but also because the entire town is small, and level, and the weather was perfect. The Hotel Greenfield was right at the edge of the town square, too, so I could walk all the way around, browsing and window shopping, and purchasing some items, of course!
I'll be posting more photos in the next few days, but for this evening, I just have to share one of my serendipitous finds in an antique store on The Public Square.
 Eek! It's multiplication...with a 9!

Ahh, to find the answer, just turn it over!

After digging through a box of old flash cards of various sizes, I bought this one in J's Variety Store. Anyone who has read my memoir will know what is so significant about these particular numbers! The humorous chapter is titled, "Multiplication Made Easy." It's about how a possible life of crime was cut short at an early age!


I'll be sharing more news and photos as soon as I can. I'm happy to announce, too, that I went all the way back to my July 8th Tea Cup Tuesday post to catch up on my replies to your comments! Wow ~ nothing like being a month behind. I promise to do better on that, and also on visiting other blogs much more often!