Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Weird, Ugly Toes - Final Chapter

I started to use Chapter Two in the title, but I didn't want readers to think OMG, how many chapters is she going to write about this?! 

So.....I've had ugly toes all my life, as well as flat feet! Sometimes I wonder how my little Size 6 feet manage to carry around my not-exactly-petite weight. Sometimes I put arch-supports in my shoes, if they'll fit inside them, which usually doesn't happen.

You know how "normal" footprints leave a shape like this:

Google photo

Mine leave a "sort of" foot-shaped blob, with weird toe indentations, kind of like this:

Google photo


Now, the reason for writing about my toes/feet. Since I'm so short, many times my feet don't touch the floor when I sit. It all depends on the kind of chair, the height of the chair, and how far back I sit, etc. When I'm at my desk, using my laptop, I'm sitting on a wooden kitchen chair. The most comfortable position is to rest my feet on the horizontal wooden bar underneath the seat. I almost always have on some kind of shoes. This summer it's usually sandals. But Saturday night, I sat here for hours, typing away on my memoir, in my bare feet. I must've curled my already curly toes around the wooden bar and there they stayed for those hours. When I got up, pushing my chair back, I had excruciating pain in the second to the last toe on my left foot. At first I thought it was a charlie horse, but it didn't go away and the more I walked on it, the worse it felt. I have no idea exactly what the problem is, but I'm still limping around today, and I need to do some errands. Anyone have any ideas??  

I apologize if my readers had wild ideas about the podiatrist and me, and wanted to read all about it, because nothing happened, other than him giving me a prescription (which worked really well), AND him telling me that I "could have surgery to get those fixed" if I wanted to. I've considered it off and on for years, but until I can't walk or stand correctly anymore, I won't have it done. And besides, if I was going to spend a lot of money on any kind of cosmetic surgery, I'd begin with my face! 

"It's just my imagination. Some people have flat feet. Some people have dandruff. I have this appalling imagination..."  actor Tom Ewell, as Richard Sherman in The Seven Year Itch.