Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Hi Everyone! I decided to participate in another Tea Cup Tuesday.

I'm linking to Martha's Favorites, Tue Cup Tuesday! It's only been about oh...a couple of years since I joined in the fun! I'm posting a partial repeat of an earlier version, because many bloggers may not have seen this particular one; and I don't think seeing the same tea cups and tea pots can be a bad thing, either!

This photo is of the plates, teapot clock, and "half" tea cup & saucer, that I hung in a random way on a wall in the dining room. (of our previous home) Two of the larger plates were my grandma's. The other plates were single purchases at various consignment stores. The "half" tea cup set is a one-of-a-kind I found at a gift shop in old St. Charles, Mo. I've never seen another one like it. The back of the cup and plate are flat, so it fits neatly against the wall. The teapot clock was purchased at Dillard's quite a few years ago. It's the Royal Albert, Old Country Roses pattern. (These all look like miniatures in the photo, but they are "regular" size...and as always, you can click on each photo and enlarge them 2 times)

A wall of loveliness!

This is a close up of the teapot clock.
This is a teapot I purchased at Dillard's about the same time as the teapot clock.
The tea cup and saucer were bought at one of the local consignment shops.

This cup and saucer is not a set. The cup belonged to my deceased sister (Jo Ann) when she was a little girl. It's smaller than regular, but it's also not miniature. It's just kind of "child-sized". It has a little chip at the top on the right, which is visible. (I can't imagine giving a young child a CHINA cup!) I don't know exactly how it came into my possesion, but I'm so glad I have it, and I really do cherish it.

This is a darling sugar bowl and creamer set I bought at Home Goods a couple of years ago. It's so cheery and spring-like, and just makes me smile to look at it.
I still have all of these lovely items, plus others that aren't shown here. Most are packed in boxes which haven't been opened since March 2013! I will be going through those boxes this spring/summer, though, and deciding what I MUST keep and what I can give away to family/friends, or take to Goodwill.
I've learned so much during these past few years of moving/downsizing...what is important and what isn't. And most "things" are definitely not important. One of the things I learned, at least about myself, is that having a photo or photos of those much loved items, makes it so much easier to say goodbye to them, and send them on to a new home...where someone else will love them!
Thanks again to Martha and all the Tea Cup Ladies!
"Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things." -- Chaim Potok