Thursday, July 3, 2014


I got a kick out of the comments left on my previous post. Only two people, Myra and Marcia, mentioned anything about my habit of leaving music on for Vern!! J

While I'm at my desk and he's lying on the daybed next to me, I always have some kind of music playing then, too. When I first started writing, I couldn't have any music on except "easy listening" instrumentals. Anything else interfered with my thoughts and writing was impossible.



Okay, remember when I said Don't start applauding, yet, though! on Tuesday's blog post? Well after losing all that weight and being so happy with myself....the horribly cold, freezing, frigid, icy, numbing, arctic, Siberian, Polar Vortex arrived and I was homebound for what seemed like months! So, what did I crave? In the beginning, it was Comfort Food. Any kind would do. Then the carbs started their invisible tug, and I was eating sweets like there was no tomorrow. For a while, my weight really didn't change. (It tricks us that way!) But after quite a while, the pounds began to show up on the bathroom scales and in how my clothes fit. I told myself I had plenty of time to lose the weight and everything would be fine.
But, as I gobbled everything in sight while sitting in my recliner, watching TV, wearing warm slippers, sweat suits, and covered up with a quilt, the willpower didn't return. Then I ate my way through spring, and now half the summer!! I'm really aggravated at myself, but obviously not enough to do something about it. All I can say is Thank Goodness I haven't gained ALL those 25 lbs. back. I actually got weighed at a doctor appointment today and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Whew!
I guess my stubborn determination can only focus on one project at a time, and during these past seven months, I've used it solely to promote and market my memoir.

One of my relatives said something to me the other night that kind of surprised me. In a round about way, I took her words to mean that I've worked so hard for so long, that maybe it was time to slow down, or maybe even quit. But I know she just doesn't understand. If I wasn't receiving great reviews on Amazon, or praise from other authors, then it would certainly be time to take a hard look at myself and my writing. But that's not how it is. I still believe in my memoir. I believe it will become very well known the way most books do, by word of mouth. I still have so much to do and so many places to go. Quitting has never entered my mind. I gotta keep on keepin' on! 
 P.S. Please notice my Goodreads Book Giveaway at the top of the right hand column. Almost anyone can enter to win one free print copy of my memoir. I'm offering it not only to US residents, but also to readers in Canada, the UK, and Australia!    

JULY 4th * I thought my giveaway would've been approved overnight, but as of early this morning it hasn't, so I removed the gadget for now. My apologies! I'll put it back on as soon as I get the okay. * AND, I guess the good folks at Goodreads had the day off today, which makes sense, so hopefully, my giveaway will be up and going tomorrow?? Saturday?? OR, maybe not until Monday. Whatever happens, I'll be sure to post it on my blog! Thanks for being patient.
Happy Independence Day, America
*Monday, July 7th: I received approval overnight from Goodreads, so I will be posting about my giveaway now. *
"No one succeeds without effort. Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance." -- Ramana Maharshi