Friday, June 27, 2014


A funny thing happened this morning. Actually it was two things. And they weren't really funny. And they were on completely opposite sides of the spectrum.

One was surprising, exciting and just "made my day" before it was even noon! I received a really nice, 5-Star review on Amazon, from one of my Goodreads winners. Here's the link:

I never dreamed I would hear back from anyone, and especially not for a review. What a fabulous feeling! (By the way, out of the four or five books I gave away, I did receive an e-mail from one or two, saying they received my book, etc. I love courteous people)


The second thing that happened was an e-mail I received, reporting that their review of my memoir "wasn't a rave." Hmm, not at all what I was hoping for. But, it's not getting printed anywhere which is a relief. It's my first negative review and although I was a bit hurt and disappointed at first, I just thought Wow, are they ever wrong!  J
As I typed "Rolling With the Punches" for my title, it also made me immediately think of Charlie Rich's 1970s hit "Rollin' with the Flow." I love everything about this song: the music, the lyrics, and the handsome guy who sings it!
So, anyway......I'm rolling with the punches....and....rollin' with the flow!
How's your day been so far?!