Tuesday, January 5, 2010

** Things To Do When It's Freezing **

1)  Wish you had some womens' Long-Johns.
2)  Wear a pair of your husband's athletic pants over your slacks.
3)  Cut finger tips off an old pair of gloves, have semi-warm hands to type on your keyboard.
4)  Take a picture of the frost on the corners of the kitchen window.
5)  Throw fuzzy slippers into clothes-dryer for a couple of minutes before putting them on.
6)  Go renew driver's license, knowing there won't be a long line on a day like this. (while also not caring one bit how bad license photo will be!)

             Parts 1 through 5 are all indoor activities!

                                          photo taken by Becky 1/5/2010

"Scratch some ice from the windowpane.Tomorrow gonna do it all again." -- Fran Avni

Yesterday was a great day, even if it was another bitterly cold day. For one thing, the sun shone brightly and my car heater worked wonderfully as I drove to meet two writer friends for lunch. We met at a favorite place in old St. Charles, Magpie's, ate delicious homemade soups, salads and quiches. Then we shared a hot apple crepe, topped with vanilla ice cream, and the converation never lagged. We discussed serious topics, and laughed hysterically at others. We marveled at how alike we three are, yet obviously so unique to our own selves.
After lunch, I opened fabulous gifts.....because it's very near to my birthday!

What a wonderful time! I'm so grateful for my friends and wish every one of you could have joined us!
(photo courtesy of restaurant.com)

"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things." -- Author Unknown