Thursday, December 17, 2009

** Incredible Coincidence & Friendships for a Lifetime **

My writer friends and I have similar likes and dislikes, mostly I guess because we are creative, thinking women, who really see the world around us.We have such camaraderie, kindness, generosity, support for each other, and hilarious times together.

Last night, two of my writer friends and I got together for dinner and the exchanging of Christmas gifts. One of the friends and I discovered last week that we both had bought the exact same gift for the third friend. Out of all the millions of "writer related" gifts we could've chosen, how in the world did we buy the exact same day planner??? It's called The Reading Woman and contains gorgeous pictures of various works of art depicting women reading! Plus it contains many inspirational quotes. (Tammy and I are still mystified and shaking our heads about this incredible coincidence! She happened upon hers at a local book store. I bought mine online after browsing for "writer gifts", "women writers gifts", journals and calendars.)

I've never experienced such acquaintances, friendships, or allies, all pertaining to one particular "group" of people. I've even developed immediate friendships online, due to my contacting someone because I loved the way she wrote, and vice versa.

How amazing it is to be a writer.....a published this stage of my life!

All I can say is, with the continued support of my wonderful writer friends, "the best is yet to come"!