Saturday, July 9, 2011

* Saturday Centus *

It's Saturday Centus time again.

In a nutshell, Jenny Matlock gives us a prompt from either herself or a guest submitter and then we have to write 100 words or less related to the prompt, (the prompt doesn't count toward the 100 words) in any style of story you choose. The only restriction is that your post must be PG! It's open until the following Saturday, so that means you have all week to participate by either reading or writing. The prompt this week is "..and the sign read..."

My take is below:

Wandering along a beautiful tree-lined trail, deep in my thoughts, I completely lost track of time. I realized though I should turn around and go back to my car. Ahead, though, a small sign caught my eye and I was curious about it. It appeared to be homemade. As I stepped closer I felt my knees get weak….and the sign read… Darling, I made a terrible mistake. I’m sorry. Please come home.
That was all it took. I literally ran back to my car and raced home. I wondered how many other broken-hearted lovers that sign had brought back together, even with no names.

(exactly 104 words including the prompt)

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