Tuesday, July 9, 2019


I've been wanting to add the List of Blogs I followed back in the hey day of blogging, and after much searching and a bit of swearing, I found them! 💓 (If I used to follow your blog, and don't see yours on the sidebar, please let me know. These aren't all of them, just ones I seemed to recognize!)

They are on the right side bar and I plan to go through every one of them. (It will definitely take a while!) The ones who haven't written in years, I'll still try to contact as I've done in the past. It makes me sad when there's no reply and I wonder about them...

I guess this means I'm really going to try to get back into blogging again! (I'm getting so tired of FB)

Remember when I had this cute clip art as my header? I loved it and haven't been able to find it for quite a while, plus make it the correct size. 
Well, tomorrow is another day!

This sounds like me lately...I'm trying, but...

                          I DO have some exciting news...I think...about an upcoming publication!
                                         I'll post more about it when I know more info!


I skimmed through my last post....did I mention that I have perfect vision now?? It's wonderful!

Still at the final healing of my second surgery, the one I had June 10. Geez! (I forgot to say the second surgery had nothing to do with my eyes.)

Just wanted to say I'm still here!!

I really appreciate and love all you wonderful people who continue to check my blog and see if there's anything new!

What are y'all reading now? I finally have begun reading again after getting my eye fixed and being "in the mood" again to read!

I'm reading "Good Riddance" by Elinor Lipman. I think I've read almost all of her books. They're easy reads, light fiction, with humor and drama.

Hope to be back in blogland soon!