Sunday, August 30, 2009

** I'm Feelin' Mellow Yellow **

This morning I decided I should try to find the actual name of the beautiful little yellow birds in my photo at the above right...... I really didn't look very long, though, because I got sidetracked gazing at more and more photos of beautiful little yellow birds on various sites.....

......which then reminded me of an old instrumental song I heard often as a young child: Yellow Bird. Then it all came back to old vinyl LP, played many times on our Hi-Fi. The album was recorded by, none other than...... Lawrence Welk.

My parents watched his weekly TV show unfailingly on our old black and white set in the 1950's.

My next thought was to see if I could find that song & add it to my End of Summer playlist. Surprised and pleased....I found it (by Arthur Lyman) and it's number 41 on my summer playlist. I may add it to my newest one, Beautiful Music, because it would cerainly fit right in.