Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Doris Day Saved My Life

As I blog hopped the other day, I came across one that really intrigued me....but do I remember whose it was, or how I got there? Of course not. One of the things I liked about this particular blog was that in her Profile, she said she loved Doris Day movies. But it's not because of Doris or any of her leading men. I think it had something to do with the furniture decor in the 60s, and she may have mentioned Doris' costumes, too....but I'm not sure.

(Doris in the 1950s - courtesy Google)

When I first saw the name "Doris Day," I thought, OMG, another Doris Day fan! But it wasn't the case, and that's okay. I won't hold it against her!

(Doris in the 1960s - courtesy Google)

Just last night I read an article about Doris releasing a CD this Friday. What a surprise, because she chose to walk away from the Hollywood lifestyle many years ago.

And as far as Doris saving my life.....I can honestly say that she did, in more ways than one. A chapter in my memoir explains it all.

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