Friday, March 7, 2014


Not too long ago, I mentioned that my "desk" is really a very small, wooden kitchen table. It has plenty of room for all my paper messes, but no drawers, which I could really use.
Recently, I saw one at Hobby Lobby that I just fell in love with. It's really small, shabby chic with some light green in it, and had matching chair. It would look so cute in my bedroom/office, BUT, even on sale, the price is way too much. It didn't have any drawers, either.
I even called them today to ask if they still had one and if it was any cheaper than last week. J 
Yep, they still had them, but the price was the same, too. That's when I decided to look again on Craigslist. It's fun, like going to resale shops or Goodwill. You never know what you might find! So...
Here's the desk I found. It had only been listed three hours earlier, was the size and "look" I wanted, the people lived only a few miles away......AND the price was right! It was the fastest transaction I've ever made. I called about it, The Ronald was in the area, he went to the house, paid for it and brought it home! Voila!
seller's photo on craigslist
I'm going to take the knobs and drawer pulls off of it, paint it white, and shabby it up a bit! I'll probably go to Hobby Lobby to buy different knobs and pulls, too. It will go perfectly with a couple of other pieces I already have. I haven't been so excited about a purchase in a long time! It's solid wood, too, and very heavy.
And the price was $40.00!

I'll post pictures when I'm finished painting it....Wish me luck!

P.S. My post on February 25th, about the empty ink cartridge....I did take it back to Walmart, explained what happened, and they exchanged it for me! So, I was able to get new ink, AND keep my other items I was going to return, to make up for the "lost" money. Next time I buy ink at any store, I'll have the cashier open the box right there, to make sure it's a good one.