Tuesday, June 15, 2010

* Tea Cup Tuesday - Part 3 *

I'm feeling extremely grateful tonight.....for various reasons. Since it's almost midnight, though, and I'm not in one of my Night Owl modes, I'll have to write about it tomorrow.

For those of you who might check back here for my comments in the last 4 or 5 posts, I've finally managed to leave some for you. I have some reading and commenting to catch up on, too, at other blogs!

Knowing that all of you are "out there" and sometimes thinking of your numerous blog friends, hopefully including me, is one of those things that makes me happy, joyful, & blissful.

I"ll say good night and send you over to Robert Brault's blog. He is an amazing, inspiring man and I love his quotes! (That's why I'm not posting a quote here tonight. You can go to his blog and read so many beautiful quotes!)

* Tea Cup Tuesday - Part 2 *

Well, I finally finished making all the birthday cards for June, took them to the post office and hope they will arrive in time! I swear, I keep saying I won't let the due dates sneak up on me anymore...but this time, I mean it! I need to begin tomorrow making the ones for July!

Enough of that.....

Before I forget, I took photos to show the bottom stamps on the cup & saucer, that are shown in the post immediately following this one. (Thus the name, Part 2!)
This is the bottom of the plate/saucer. It has the crossing arrows or whatever they are called, plus an indentation of the number 53, which kind of looks like a 33 here, but it's definitely a 53. Also, to the left of the arrows, there is another indentation that looks kind of a like a capital D in cursive, plus something else I couldn't make out.

This is the bottom of the cup and if it looks strange it's because I had to take the picture kind of upside down and backwards to get that number 4 to show up clearly! (I really gotta get a better camera!)

* Thanks to Terri  at Artful Afirmations and her comment below, asking about the stamps on the bottom of these. I had forgotten to take those photos!

Okay.......Gotta pry myself away from this laptop for awhile, but I'll be back sometime later.......As usual, I have lots to say!

“A perfect method for adding drama to life is to wait until the deadline looms large.” -- Unknown

* It's Tea Cup Tuesday *

* Because I wanted to participate in today's Tea Cup Tuesday, I'm repeating a blog post from June 2010 *

Okay, although I have 10 million things going on right now, I just have to participate in Terri's and Martha's Tea Cup Tuesday today! Below are photos of one of my newest antiquing finds!

Isn't this pretty? When it comes to tea cups and tea pots, I really love pink flowers.
Notice the top of the handle. It's a serpent's head, with its mouth clamping onto the cup. Isn't that unusual?

The "back" side of the cup has these tiny flowers......

While the "front" side has the larger flower.

That's it for today. Hope y'all enjoyed my little treasure (which cost less than $3.00...it has a tiny chip!)

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." - Robert Brault