Monday, April 15, 2013


I didn't plan on writing another blog post so soon, but something happened shortly after noon today, that I just had to share.

* I swear all of the following information and photos are real *

Vern had a 1:00 pm appointment with his favorite vet: Dr. Brister. (Actually he only has one vet, but she's the best around in both our opinions!)

Okay, SO....since we're still unpacking and finding things that we really don't need or want, I have quite a few items in my car to take to Goodwill.

As I opened the door on the driver's side of my PT Cruiser, I noticed The Ronald had put two large, decorative plate holders in the back floor, on the passenger's side. As I held the door open,Vern jumped into the backseat and settled onto his pillows. Right away I could see he didn't like the looks or the rattling of those metal contraptions. SO......since I didn't want Vern to be traumatized on the ride to the vet and back....I closed my door and walked around to the other side to pull them out.

I could only open the passenger side door a few inches because stacks of boxes were in the way. I still easily reached in and grabbed both at the same time and began to pull. I had to walk backwards a bit, as I tried to yank them out at a 90° angle, which obviously didn't work since they were hard metal and not flexible.

Somehow during those few seconds, the black plate holder got stuck in the one and only crevice that was there. Plus, by that time, the gold one had latched onto the black one and they were both stuck, and I do mean stuck.


View from the front of the car

View from the side

View from the back

Another from the back and side

Close up view: Look a little below and to the right of the red piece of fabric. The  black part that is stuck is hard to's kind of horizontal, right under a large, funny looking, kind-of-a-"C".

I yanked and pulled and cussed as poor Vern watched from the back seat. So, I put his leash on him and we went outside for a walk. I called the vet's office and told the receptionist I couldn't make the appointment and that she would NOT believe my excuse. She and I both laughed as I attempted to describe it all to her.

I also called The Ronald to see if he was anywhere near home, but he wasn't. I kept explaining the situation and he kept saying he couldn't visualize it. I don't blame him! He said he'd come home as soon as possible and take a look at the situation...Hmmm.....

Thank goodness the car is in the garage because it's been raining off and on all day. BUT, since the car door obviously won't shut, my battery may run low.......

* Tuesday 4/16/13 Addendum: The Ronald and I both worked together to get the tangled mess untangled, and I was able to drive Vern to his rescheduled vet appointment! (Also, since I changed my template back to a Blogger design, I'm now able to reply individually to comments. I love it!) 

Ahhhh.......Life is full of fun and surprises! I had a very good laugh today, and at my own expense!
I leave you with two quotes from one of my favorite comedians.....

"You can't have everything. Where would you put it?" -- Steven Wright

"Is it weird in here, or is it just me?" -- Steven Wright