Saturday, March 20, 2010

** Odds & Ends on a Saturday Night **

On March 12th, I mentioned four upcoming topics I wanted to write about. I've already written about two of them: Tiny Lights and the Erma Bombeck competition.

The other two are: Songs on my Play List and my upcoming contest in April.

Here's my thoughts on my Play List. I love listening to a wide variety of music, and because each play list only holds about 200 songs, I now have more than two that are completely full. Many people find the music distracting and may immediately hit the mute button when they arrive at my blog. I can totally understand that. Most of the time when I'm "really" writing...working on my book, or contests or other submissions, I can't listen to it, either. I have a couple of CD's that I can listen to, and write to, and I even feel like they help soothe me and help me to write better! They are both "easy listening" instrumentals. And I do have my "Starting Song", which is Moonlight Serenade, played only by the Glenn Miller Orchestra! That may seem really strange, since I'm not 80 years old....but it was one of my mother's favorite songs, and always makes me feel kind of bittersweet, which is great for my memoir writing.

So, I have these questions: Do you like listening to music when you write?  Do you have a "Starting Song"?

"Music is what life sounds like". -- Eric Olson