Sunday, April 10, 2011

* MWG Missouri Writers Guild Just Write! Conference *

The MWG Missouri Writers Guild Conference, Just Write! was a huge success. It was wonderful to see so many writers join together to do what we writers like to do most: Talk about writing. Learn more about writing. Learn important information from agents and publishers. Learn more about publishing opportunities. Listen to inspirational speakers. Have the opportunity to purchase books from our newly published friends. Etcetera!

It was fabulous to meet C. Hope Clark, owner of Funds for Writers. Hope's blog and newsletters are packed full of helpful information that we writers crave.

Our banquet dinner's keynote speaker was St. Louis' own, Elaine Viets. She traveled all the way from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to be part of our wonderful weekend. Elaine is an extremely funny lady. Check her website to learn more about her and possibly purchase a book or two!

I had the pleasure to be the shepherd (guide) to Linda C. Apple during the conference. Linda is a writer and speaker. She has stories published in thirteen (13) Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She's also written two books and is working on a historical romance. I purchased one of Linda's books, "Inspire! Writing from the Soul." (Instructional guide to inspirational writing.) She also has a blog. I can't say enough about how much I admire and like Linda. She inspired me to get back to my writing with renewed interest. It was truly a joy to be in her presence.

Some of our Saturday Writer members were winners of, or received honorable mention in the various conference contests. Jack Zerr, Marcia Gaye, Pat Wahler, Alice Mushany & Donna Volkenannt Congratulations to all! (If I've forgotten anyone, please tell me. There were so many names announced last night and y'all know I have an awful memory!)

And now....the coveted award we received was......drum roll please.......

MWG's Silent Auction: The Basket Wars! I don't know if Saturday Writers has ever won it in the past, but I was determined to win this year! Our large and lovely gift basket was: Death by Chocolate. Everything in it was either chocolate, or had something to do with chocolate, and not necessarily edible! Included were the DVDs Chocolat, and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. There were cookbooks with chocolate recipes and there were books with chocolate in the title such as Chocolate for a Woman's Soul. Add a lovely, handmade knitted dark brown scarf, and a chocolate candle, plus tons of chocolate candies and box mixes. Voile'...Death by Chocolate!

A big thank you to Barbara Hodges, the Basket Wars coordinator, and all the Saturday Writer members who donated items for our basket! And it wouldn't have come together if it wasn't for Sioux Roslawski who searched all over town for the right basket to hold everything, and presented us with the final beautiful result.

Thank you and congratulations to Cindy Lovell from Hannibal, Missouri, who was the highest bidder!

We received a nice check for our winning entry, plus a "traveling trophy", which we hope to hold onto for many years to come!

Hello & Welcome to my newest follower: Vicki Rocho. I had the pleasure of meeting Vicki at this conference! She drove all the way from Iowa to attend our St. Louis conference! Wonderful to meet you, Vicki!

"Don't tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of light on broken glass." -- Anton Chekhov