Tuesday, May 26, 2009

** Decoration Day & Our Current War **

Decoration Day, as it was called for many years, is really all about remembering and honoring those who died during our many wars. Its name is the definition of what it was all about.....decorating the graves and tombstones of our fallen soldiers and sailors.

Like so many of us, though, I didn't give it more than a moment's thought over the years. It was mainly a 3-Day weekend and a rest from work.That all changed for me a few years ago, when my sister Marian and I, attending a Memorial Day celebration in Greenfield, Iowa. It was very inspiring to say the least.

One of the many things I find very disturbing about this current "war" we are involved in, is the fact that the news we receive concerning it, is determined by the various news stations. Yes, they inform us of the sad news of another "casualty"........is that word used to make it sound less like "death"?....But what we aren't told, are all the horrific wounds and burns our military personnel are living with.....mostly due to road side bombs. Shouldn't there be a way to detect those bombs, before they wound or kill people??? In our world of technology.....shouldn't there be a way?????