Monday, August 3, 2009

** Love My Play List **

I just love the music I've chosen for this blog! I was surprised at how quickly, too, I was able to think of songs I liked and try to find them. Also, I'd hear an old song on the radio, jot it down in one of my many trusty notepads.....this would usually happen while I was driving my car, so it would most likely be scribbled and quite hard to read!...and then when I'd get back home, I'd add it to my play list. I also added songs that I have on CD's or albums. The best part, I think, is the "shuffle" option. I just listened to Celine Dion sing Ave Maria then it went straight to The London Beat singing I've Been Thinking About You, and then to Dion singing The Wanderer.

Right now, you're listening to my newest play list: Beautiful Music. All soft and lovely songs.....

What a great way to start my morning!......Hello Music!.. Coffee...Sunshine...Writing in my blog!