Wednesday, August 3, 2011

* Writerly News *

* I guess my newest contest give-away was a bit too complicated, because there was only one entrant; Susan of Writing Straight from the Heart. Susan and I cooresponded and she was so gracious, asking not to be the winner, soley by default! So, the prizes will go back into my office closet until they are needed. Thanks to all who commented on Susan Bono's Two-Part Interview. I really enjoyed learning more about her.

* Calls for Submission: Bylines Calendar: By, For and About Writers is now accepting submissions for their 2013 desk calendar. Click on Guidelines for information. Publisher/Editor Sylvia Forbes is a delightful woman. I look forward to purchasing the 2012 calendar. ** I forgot to mention that Bylines website is a bit out of date. It's in the process of getting renovated. Sylvia really is taking submissions for the 2013 calendar! **

*This is a really cool calendar, especially for writers!* The website also features tons of links for various websites of interest to guessed it: Writers! (In past years, I know that the lovely Cathy C. Hall and C. Hope Clark both appeared in it. In addition to having a snippet of your writing featured, so is your of which you provide!)

* Once again I feel I must apologize for not getting around to all the blogs I want to visit. I've been spending much more time actually writing which is a very good thing! So, if you don't see me often, that's the reason. And the same goes for e-mails. If I owe anyone an e-mail and haven't replied in a "normal" amout of time, please contact me. Maybe I didn't receive it or maybe forgot!

"Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?" -- Winnie the Pooh