Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting Back to The Basics

I've recently made the decision that I've been wearing too many hats again. I tend to take on too many projects; thinking I can fit them all into my life, and then realize later that I can't.....something's bound to suffer....and eventually that something is me. an attempt to keep my sanity, (yeah, I know...that's pushing it) I've decided to quit working at Barnes & Noble. Even though I was only working very few hours a week, it was becoming harder for me to concentrate on the really important things in my life.....and not only concentrate on them, but to really get them accomplished.

Sunday afternoon will be my last day and I'm leaving on good terms. It really was a difficult decision, because I do enjoy being there. It's a great place to work and I truly have great fondness for the employees. The idea is that I can come back during the Christmas rush, and be a seasonal employee.

Making this decision has really lifted a weight off my shoulders and I hope to get back to a more organized life! In a couple of months, I'll let ya'll know how that's working out for me!!