Friday, April 1, 2011

* Do These Folks Look Like Your Ancestors? *

It's a Reunion! Not!

When digging through a drawer of cards, envelopes, and crafty things today, I came across a few of these invitations. You know how you browse in the greeting card aisle at whatever store you're in? You look at the darling ones with the puppies or babies on the front. You laugh out loud at the funny ones. And sometimes you buy a couple of cards, knowing you will save them for the right occasion. 

I saw these in a Hallmark store approximately 20 years ago! They were in a bin of marked down items and the package of ten or twelve cost something like 50 cents. I had no need for reunion invitations, but the photo was just so darn funny, I had to have them. Over the years, I kept thinking that some kind of reunion would come along and then I could use them, but that never happened.

Today, though, I thought of a solution. I'll send them to some writer friends, inviting them to lunch. The invitation will come with just one requirement. In order to attend, they must write a short story based on one of these fine looking family members. And if they'd like to make it even more fun, they could dress in the same attire as their character.

What do you think? Would you like to receive one of these wacky invitations?!

"In my photographs it is apparent that there was no posing at the moment I released the shutter." -- Jerzy Kosinski