Tuesday, September 1, 2009

** September 1st....What a Day It's Been! **

My lunch date today was more fun and interesting than I could've possibly imagined! Thank you so much Dee, Delores and Susan for being so thoughtful and surprising me the way you did!

Plus I listened to one beautiful CD, by Sarah Brightman, all the way to and from, even though I brought 6 CD's with me. Drivers along certain highways probably heard the music and singing blasting from my car as I sped along........some of that singing wasn't from the CD.....it was from me! .....sorry about that...What can I say? I've mentioned that I actually believe I can sing!

And the "piece de resistance" was the e-mail I received, saying a story I wrote for an anthology, is in the top 101 finalists!! Hopefully, I'll know for sure within the next 30 days!!

I'm doing that happy dance again!!

* Happy September 1st *

It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood......as Mr. Rogers always sang!

I have many exciting things going on right now, even though none of them include being published, at the moment anyway! I was contacted by a high school english teacher today about speaking to a few classes on creative writing and newspaper writing, which also includes my motivational speaking about going for your dreams in life.....at any age.

Also, I'm meeting a newly acquired friend for lunch today! I'm looking forward to it, of course, but an extra bonus is that it's probably an hour's drive and I'll have enough time to listen to a favorite CD or two! Most of my driving usually consists of a few minutes here and there, so that calls for the radio, or the sounds of silence.

Other opportunities are hovering, too.....but I can't say anything yet about them. ;-)