Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas Everyone!

(Vern and I chose the following photos for today, and he told me what he wanted to say. So this is his Merry Christmas post to all his blog friends and fans!)

Don't I look dapper in my warm, red coat?!

I'm sleeping peacefully on the daybed next to Mom's desk, while listening to Christmas music, and dreaming of doggie treats and rawhide bones and flips.

I was beside myself with love and excitement when Mark stopped by for a visit!

Mom made me watch some of the Charlie Brown Christmas show with her. 
I did like Snoopy, though.

This was pretty funny. Justin Timberlake dancing and singing as a soup can! 
Mom laughed out loud, a lot.

This was taken when we got all that snow a week or so ago. 
Mom and I were out walking in it. 
If you look at the sky, really close, you can see some snowflakes falling on us. 

This is me in December of 2011. 
I look so cute in this picture, I wanted to show it again.

Same as above!

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