Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn Bliss

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a beautiful, blissful weekend. 

Mine was really nice. The weather was perfectly autumn-like.

Vern and I were able to get out and have our routine walks, during which I marveled at the gorgeous colors of the trees.

I also decided that I must remember to take my camera on our walk today. I think the leaves must be at their peak and I don't want to miss taking some pictures. 

Speaking of Vern.....Here he is visiting his back-fence-neighbor! Although we've had Vern for a year and a half, we hadn't been letting him run around without being hooked to his chain. But...when he'd be out on the deck with us this summer, and notice that "Max" was out in his yard, he cried to go see him. The first couple of times, The Ronald took him on a leash to the fence. After that, Vern was allowed to run up to it on his own.
Max on left. Vern on right.

The two of them are so cute. Neither barks; they both run right to the fence, look and wag their tales, and do some sniffing. Then they walk away to take care of their business, and after a few minutes we call Vern back to our deck. It's just adorable.

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Lastly, what better way to end this post than with a picture of a cute pooch enjoying himself amid falling leaves, and a beautiful quote for the season.