Monday, July 20, 2009

** Day Two of Our Iowa Vacation - Sun 7/19/09

The rumbling trains weren't as sleep-depriving as we'd expected. Yay! BUT, every time one did blast its horn and roar by, I immediately smiled and pictured "Vinny" and "Mona Lisa Vito", waking up in panic, and then laughter.

I've lost a day of posting.....It's been verrry interesting so far. Ron and I had a much too close encounter with a deer on a two-lane highway on Saturday night, in the dark. Cousins Nancy and Denny had warned us to keep a watchful eye, because deer were everywhere. We saw one near the side of the highway shortly after we left their house, driving back to our motel. I had JUST said "knock on wood" about the deer situation and was singing Knock on Wood, and acting silly, as I many times do.....when fortunately Ron wasn't paying any attention to me.....because he saw the large deer run right in front of us and was able to apply the brakes!!!!! THAT was the closest either one of us has ever been to hitting ANY kind of animal......Whew!

More later..........