Monday, May 5, 2014


Mother's Day is only six days away!
Here are some great gift ideas:
* This post is getting new participants added every day until Saturday, May 10th, at midnight, so please remember to keep coming back for new information. Thanks! *

Creative Carmelina's Blog and Etsy Shop. Carmelina makes beautiful items, some of which I own! I won a give-away of hers last year and wrote about it here. I love, love, love the crocheted tea cup, along with everything else, of course. The tea cup is one of my treasured items in my curio cabinet. Any of her creations would make lovely, unique gifts!

Here is an open invitation to all my talented followers who have items they've made that are For Sale. If you would like to be featured here, please either leave a comment that you'd like to participate, or e-mail me, with pertinent info.


I also thought about contacting my writer friends and ask if they'd also like to mention their book(s) here. But, I would surely forget to ask more than one, and I obviously don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! (Books always make great gifts, too, so keep them in mind....whether they're print copies or e-books.)

So, the same invitation goes for followers who have books they've written and would like to sell. Please either leave a comment that you'd like to participate, or e-mail me, with pertinent info.

And, I can't possibly post something about books for sale that would make great Mother's Day gifts without mentioning my memoir -- Can I?! Please keep it in mind, too. Moms of any age would enjoy it! It can be purchased directly from me, or from Barnes & Noble (online only), or from Amazon, or STL Books.


* From Melissa Goodwin - Two children's books: The Christmas Village....and....Return to Canterbury.


* From Jennifer Shirk
Thanks, Becky! My book FIANCE BY FATE is a fun (and clean) romance--perfect for moms who own kindles or ereaders. :-)

* From Patricia Preston
Here is the link to my humorous short story, The Yard Sale  It is a funny story about a Southern gal having a yard sale. It is a Kindle ebook.


*From Susan Flett Swiderski
Anyhow, this is a great idea. Thanks for coming up with it. Yes, my book Hot Flashes and Cold Lemonade would make a good Mothers' Day gift, too. It can be found on Amazon at
It's also up for grabs on a Goodreads giveaway right now, and the widget can be easily accessed to whiz you right to the spot from my blog. Also, the week after Mothers' Day, the e-version of my book will be on sale for the paltry sum of ninety-nine cents.

* From Patt Hollinger Pickett
Thanks, Becky, for the opportunity! Your blog looks cool! Here’s my Mother’s Day gift info:
A 99 CENTS Kindle SALE! Great Mother’s Day gift.  Limited Time Only-- May 7-11
Get your e-version copy of The Marriage Whisperer: Tips to Improve Your Relationship Overnight for just 99 cents.
* From McGuffy Ann Morris
"Weeds" is a poetry book based upon life's experiences and observations. Weeds come in many forms and varieties, from beautiful to plain, dangerous to harmless. Each has a purpose, if only to value what is important. It can be purchased from
Thanks, Becky!

* From Carol Kilgore
Becky, what a great idea. In my book SOLOMON'S COMPASS, Taylor Campbell vows to never be like her mother. And we all know how that goes. Right?
Happy Mother's Day to all!


* From Toby Speed
I love your Mother's Day gift idea. Moms who love murder mysteries might like my new book, Death Over Easy, available in hardcover and Kindle editions. Here's the link:

*From Terra Hangen
This is a super idea, and my book is written specifically for moms of all ages and is full of humor and tips. A Scrapbook of Motherhood Firsts: Stories to Celebrate and Wisdom to Bless Moms, on, hardcover, color on each page. Oh, recipes kids love too. Terra Hangen, co-author.

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new." -- Rajneesh