Sunday, October 16, 2016


It's Time For Another Nostalgic Sunday
Gosh, I almost forgot another Nostalgic Sunday! (That's why there wasn't one last Sunday...I forgot.)
With it being autumn, or so the calendar says, I love reminiscing about my Catholic School days. Strolling home from grade school, carrying an arm load of books, and purposely zigzagging through crunchy leaves, I'd go over the day's events in my mind...
(my uniform was similar to this, solid color, no plaid)
I enjoyed Sister Marie's English class, but as always, hated the torture of Arithmetic word problems.
The cafeteria's lunch was one of my favorites: a bowl of chili-mac, a peanut butter sandwich, celery sticks, and milk to drink.
That boy I've had a crush on for over two years actually said "Hi" to me today! Be still my heart! At least I think it was me...I looked around and nobody was behind me...
Although my family moved around quite a bit during my very early school years, I attended the same grade school from the middle of 4th grade through graduation at the end of 8th grade. I loved it there!
And I so love the fact that I grew up in an era where kids were safe walking to and from school, and/or riding their bikes to friends' houses, and not coming home until it was almost dark. I think growing up in the 50s and 60s was undoubtedly the BEST time to grow up...for which I am SO THANKFUL!



Happy Nostalgic Sunday!